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Wireless Discovery & Mapping Application

To enhance the security posture of DoD networks, Flying Squirrel provides real-time wireless discovery, integrated visualization and mapping, and post-hoc analysis capabilities. These capabilities are provided in the Flying Squirrel Wireless Assessment Tool Suite via the Flying Squirrel + MeerCAT-FS software, combined with Caribou and the Ubertooth™ One components.

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These units are available to US Government personnel. To provide indoor tracking capabilities for Flying Squirrel, NRL developed a GOTS inertial measurement sensor called Caribou that uses inertial, magnetic and barometric sensors to provide position information in the absence of a GPS signal. Caribou integrates seamlessly with Flying Squirrel, requiring the operator to simply clip the unit to their belt, plug in a USB cable, and pick a starting location.

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Ubertooth™ One


Based on the powerful LPC175x ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller with full-speed USB 2.0, the Ubertooth One is a great way to develop custom Class 1 comparable Bluetooth devices. One thing that sets the Ubertooth™ apart from other Bluetooth development platforms is that it’s capable of not only sending and receiving 2.4 GHz signals, but can also operate in monitor mode, monitoring Bluetooth traffic in real-time. Ubertooth™ One is a development tool. It has not been tested for compliance with regulations governing transmission and compliance and reception of radio signals.

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