How do I purchase a Caribou unit?2019-03-08T15:59:24-05:00
The Caribou device has been developed by the Naval Research Lab.  Sale of Caribou is restricted to United States Government personnel and organizations that are purchasing Caribou on behalf of a U.S. Government organization.  Before purchasing Caribou, you must be authorized by NRL to do so.  Authorization is straightforward, however you will need to provide specific information to Secure Decisions either by calling us at (631) 759-3988 or through the use of our Contact Us form ( so that we may obtain the government approval you need to purchase Caribou.
If you are a U.S. government employee, you will need to provide the following information:
  • Name, phone number, government email address (must be a .mil or .gov email address)
If you are a contractor, or organization buying on behalf of a government organization:
  • Name, phone number, email address, government contract number, government contact name, email address, phone number and shipping address for the government organization you are representing
For all other inquires please call us to discuss further at (631) 759-3988.
Once we gain approval for you, we will send an email notifying you that you are authorized to purchase Caribou.  From there, you can call us to purchase the Caribou you need or you may buy it online from our website.
If you proceed with an online Caribou purchase without pre-approval, your order will be cancelled.
Why won’t Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 browser retain my account information, after I filled it all in?2019-03-08T16:00:41-05:00

With recent security problems, fraudulent data, and identity theft Microsoft has decided to limit its form autocomplete process and allow the user to enter the information manually. There may be a slight work around for this by changing the settings within your IE11 browser.

When Internet Explorer starts, AutoComplete is turned off. Follow these steps to turn it on:

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Content tab.
  • Under AutoComplete, and then click Settings.
  • Select the Address bar, Forms, User names and passwords on forms, and Ask me before saving passwords check boxes.
  • Click OK, and then click OK again.
How do I get the Flying Squirrel Application?2019-03-08T16:01:49-05:00

Please visit the NRL website.